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Company and Management Team

ARBEDION was founded in January 2017 to consolidate the Spanish and Mexican teams of NUM3RUS and offer consulting services and information to medium and large corporations in order to support customers in all strategic aspects related to Information Technology.


Our team's expertise will add phenomenal knowledge as well as quantitative and qualitative information needed in the decision making process related to analysis, valuation, IT contracting and optimization.


Close to our philosophy, all partners at ARBEDION have both local and international experience, are fluent in at least two languages , reflecting the current evermore international environment. 


Currently, ARBEDION has offices in Germany, Spain and Mexico.

Francisco Fernández Hansen

Francisco Fernández Hansen is  Managing Partner and founder at ARBEDION in Spain and Mexico and has performed, over the last twenty years, roles in sales leadership, strategic consulting and information technology in Spain, Germany, and United Kingdom.

Gayol F. Del Castillo

Regina Gayol is Partner at ARBEDION. Her areas of expertise are business development and IT Sourcing, for which she has experience in public and retail companies.

Prendes Ramos

Álvaro Prendes Ramos is Partner at ARBEDION in México and has worked the last 15 years in techology-related jobs in Progress and TIBCO. His knowledge in new technologies and application development is a great contribution in the areas of Data Center and Application Development.

20190221_Foto_FAF editado.jpg
Aguilar Fresco

Fernando Aguilar, is an Industrial Engineer and MBA from La Salle Business School. In march 2019 he became Partner of ARBEDION in Spain. He has more than 20 years of experience in strategic consulting and in the management of efficiency projects in the field of information and communication technologies. Fernando stands out in his sector for his integrity, rigor and customer focus, qualities that have led him to achieve great success and high satisfaction among his clients.

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