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Services to get the highest value of your IT


Our understanding of IT Management is based in providing value to the core business of the company and thus, every consulting activity we promote supports this directive. Please find here some examples of what we do to support the IT department:

These are typical projects and tasks we perform with our clients:

  • IT Masterplan

  • IT Business Alignment

  • IT Strategy Visualization 

  • IT Budget Design

  • IT Benchmarking

  • IT Sourcing Strategy

  • Licensing Strategy

  • Program Management

  • Cloud Strategy

  • System Renewal

  • IT Roadmap

Plan mid-term objectives and tasks for the IT department

Determine projects and processes that provide business value

Communicate and publish the work of your IT department

Structure your IT budget to make it predictable and manageable

Compare your IT costs with those of other companies

Manage your outsourcing plans in a methodical way

Optimize your software license costs and manage compliance

Manage your projects in a way that they support your business cases

Decide what to migrate to the cloud from a business perspective

Plan and optimize infrastructure renewal

Plan your application updates and changes to reduce costs

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