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Succesful negotiation of more than 30 software license and data feed contracts during the creation of an Institute for the stability of the financial market. A relevant expenditure reduction in yearly expense compared to the precursor entity.


Strategy, preparation, and assessment in the negotiation of a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement for 220.000 seats. Review a 6-year roll-out (client roadmap). Cost reduction in software maintenance of over €40 million per year.


Negotiation of an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) with Oracle. Reduction of a double-digit % in the volume. Design of a valuation tool to transparently expose prices to the client that allowed the client to determine a concrete and real-world value to the proposals received from the vendor.


Analysis of the largest European outsourcing contract. Development of a new Service Catalogue with 110 service descriptions, determinations of service levels and economic valuation of market prices per service, targeted to facilitate the negotiation of a new outsourcing contract.



Implementation of a strategic IT program targeted to measure the level of IT costs and quality, introduce several new IT management processes and visualize the IT support to main business processes.


Analysis and valuation of Microsoft, SAP and Oracle contracts.

Optimization of SAP licensing based on a transaction analysis with a Software Asset Management tool.

The valuation of contracts with the three vendors, the current demand analysis, and licensing structuring showed the client relevant savings potential.

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